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Handmade Traditional Rusks


Wheat Rusk
Wheat rusk energy source for our body, rich in fiber
Corn Rusk
Corn rusk kneaded with olive oil, rich in protein
Rye rusk
Rye rusk protein source, phosphorus, magnesium and vitamin B1.
Barley rusk
Barley rusks kneaded with olive oil, rich content awns barley
Type Cythera
Natural source of energy, give the body the necessary beneficial fatty

Why Minoan Rusk

Mediterranean Diet
"Minoan" rusks included in the pyramid of the Mediterranean diet because it is kneaded with oil and contain the most important categories of cereals (wheat, rye, corn, barley, corn).
No preservatives
The entire production process is applied in the most traditional way of curing yeast with natural methods.
Baked twice in wood oven
The secret of brightly perfumed and colored rusk hidden in the traditional wood oven.
Rusk and health
All "Minoan" rusks are rich in fiber, protein and beneficial fats to the body and at the same time the production of product strictly follow hygiene rules and HACCP.